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Introducing a comprehensive easy to read workbook designed for all interested or practicing restorative, offering a self-assessment tool to gauge their proficiency in restorative circle facilitation. Janice Jerome, the esteemed Director of RJIA, has contributed significantly to this remarkable resource, achieving well-deserved acclamations. This workbook, a testament to her expertise, serves as an invaluable guide for those seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the transformative practices of restorative principles and practices.

Simple Circles: Essential Information for Restorative Practitioners


    Additional Reading Materials

    For those eager to develop deeper into the transformative realm of Restorative, Janice Jerome recommends a curated selection of additional reading materials. These suggested titles, handpicked for their insightful perspectives.


    The following titles can be easily accessed on Amazon.

    • The Little Book Restorative Justice

    • Colorizing Restorative Justice

    • The Little Book of Circle Process

    The Circle Keepers Manual is a free digital book provided by RJIA. Click the image to get your free copy.

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