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East Lake Commons Residents
 Decatur, GA
         Principles and Practices       

East Lake Commons Residents

A different way of communicating using indigenous cultures principles and practices in preparation to address old and new areas of conflict and misunderstandings while building and strengthening relationships


When: Saturday, April 13, 2024 (EST)


Circle A: 9 am- 11 am

Circle B: 12 noon-2 pm

Circle C: 4 pm- 6 pm

Requirement: ELC Resident (adult), space limited to 20 residents per circle

Participation: Voluntarily (must arrive 15 minutes early to be admitted into the space). 

Cost: Free

Location: Common House, East Lake Commons, (Children’s room)

900 Dancing Fox Rd.

Decatur, GA 30032



East Lake Commons Registration
Questions contact:

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