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Circles are an alternative process of communication, based on 
traditional discussion and healing practices of aboriginal peoples in 
Canada and the Southwestern United States. 

While circles have been adapted for many communities and to serve 
many purposes, they share essential features: 

• everyone in the circle is equal and has equal opportunity to 
• decisions are made by consensus, and 
• everyone agrees to abide by guidelines established by the 
group based on shared values, in order to work toward a 
common goal. 

Additionally, circles are generally established as sacred space; 
circles open and close with words of reflection, and people may be 
invited to symbolically cleanse themselves before entering the circle; 
such a cleansing is particularly effective in culturally oriented circles. 

Circle Keeper


    Additional Reading Materials

    For those eager to develop deeper into the transformative realm of Restorative, Janice Jerome recommends a curated selection of additional reading materials. These suggested titles, handpicked for their insightful perspectives.


    The following titles can be easily accessed on Amazon.

    • The Little Book Restorative Justice

    • Colorizing Restorative Justice

    • The Little Book of Circle Process

    The Circle Keepers Manual is a free digital book provided by RJIA. Click the image to get your free copy.

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