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 Ready for Restorative Principles and Practices?

Camp Lucy
Restorative Retreat
A Golden Luxurious Treasure-Texas Hill Country  Drippings, TX

July 15-18, 2024

Do You Need a Restorative Circle?

The core of the RJIA foundation is strengthening foundations and renewing relationships. The Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta, LLC (RJIA) establishment began in 2004 and was incorporated in 2014. RJIA supports restorative principles and practices and offers our services to any area with challenges or a need for sustaining relationships and connections.


Pre-Trial Court Services

We are proud to have over fifteen years of collaboration with court services, conducting restorative diversion workshops for clients facing misdemeanor or felony charges in cases involving:

  • Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

  • Anger Management

  • Parenting

  • Theft Prevention and Impact

Addressing the Court

Upcoming Events: Monthly Virtual Restorative Talking Circles

Immerse yourself in our Monthly Restorative Virtual Talking Circles—a transformative experience priced at just $20 per session, unfolding over 1.5 hours. Participate in these profound and restorative conversations that supports a restorative values-driven process. Starts May 1, 2024.

Upcoming Events: Monthly Virtual Talking Circles 
Cost: $20 Duration: 1.5 hour

Circle of Remembrance
Time to share special stories, comments and recognition for those who have been a central part of life’s journey.
The Restorative Tree, Family Genealogy
Restoratively starting, sharing, or showing your family history.
Diverse Communities
Talking Circles
African American, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ+ and more: Acknowledging the community through inclusive conversations.
Creating Your Own
Talking Pieces
TBA, more information coming soon. 
Camp Lucy
Restorative Retreat
Drippings Springs Texas, “A Space to Breathe”, Registration: June 15, 2024 (limited Space).

Snapshots from Dynamic Restorative Trainings


Recognition, Memberships, and Endorsements

RJIA, an active member of NACRJ, boasts its director's 2015 Leadership Award in Community and Restorative Justice. The director, Janice Jerome, co-contributor "Colorizing Restorative Justice," honored the book received the 2021 Benjamin Franklin Silver award. RJIA secured the Living Justice Press Silicon Valley, 2021 grant for the forum "The Restorative Tree." Additionally, RJIA received a 2017 mini-grant for the restorative workshop "Spaces in the Rainbow." The organization supports its sister company " The Restorative Way". Janice Jerome is featured on the "Living Justice Press website" and is a a certified member of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), an a member of the Association for Professional Genealogy (APG).

Georgia Black Expo- February 10, 2024

Meet Janice Jerome , a true pioneer in restorative justice from Atlanta. As the founder and director of The Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta, LLC, Jerome's work embodies the transformative power of empathy, understanding, and connection. With a rich background from the Department of Justice to significant contributions in restorative dialogue, her efforts in Atlanta and beyond have been instrumental in shaping a more compassionate approach to justice—one that heals rather than punishes.  Key Contributions: - Founding The Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta, focusing on healing and relationship renewal. - Pioneering pre-trial court services and diversion workshops, addressing the roots of behaviors rather than their symptoms. - Hosting the annual Restorative Retreat, "A Space to Breathe," fostering community and understanding in serene settings. Jerome's vision for a justice system that 'says hard things in a good way' is not just revolutionary; it's a testament to the belief that everyone deserves a second chance. As we celebrate Black History Month, let's recognize the silent changemakers among us, like Janice Jerome, whose dedication to restorative justice continues to inspire and heal. #BlackHistoryMonth #RestorativeJustice #JaniceJerome
Discover the trailblazers in Restorative Justice. Janice Jerome, Kay Pranis, Dr. Cornell West and more. These visionary leaders are at the forefront, sculpting the landscape of restorative principles and practices.

  • How is restorative justice different from the criminal justice system?
    When there is harm, restorative seeks to address needs and obligations in a values-driven process through repairing and building relationships. In contrast, the criminal justice system focuses on punishment as a resolution for issues or matters needing addressing.
  • How does one become a restorative practitioner?
    Contact RJIA is your first step to training, addressing issues, and building relationships.
  • How do I know if restorative justice is right for me, my organization, community, or business?
    If there are challenges, conflicts, or a need to work on relationships, contact us today and discuss services that fit your needs.
  • Methods of Payment?
    We accept the following methods of payment: Checks Payable RJIA PayPal CashApp: $justicemoving Zelle: 678 558 7494
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