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Mayor Andre Dickens hosted the City’s first inaugural Peace Week ATL in February 20-26, 2022! The purpose of Peace Week ATLwas to rebuild and strengthen the social fabric of Atlanta as we grapple with issues of violence and safety. 

Read more about it here.

The Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta, LLC (RJIA) looks forward to advertising on their website this exciting week in Atlanta full of the words "Peace," which represent the pure model of Peacemaking Circles. Peacemaking circles bring people together to understand one another, strengthen bonds, and solve community problems. RJIA joins the City of Atlanta and supports the effort of sharing stories and experiences that bring wisdom and healing in consensus decision-making for people, neighborhoods, businesses, and the world at large.

The Restorative Tree Forum September 2021 

The Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta LLC, (RJIA) was awarded a grant from Living Justice Press under the advised funds from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation will present The Restorative Tree: Black Family Genealogy and White America - Replanting and Reclaiming American Family Histories and Stories - A Colorizing Restorative Justice Project.

This virtual forum (panel discussion) will bring together psychologists, genealogists, restorative practitioners, Native Americans, and thought leaders and will provide a space for the psychological question: “What if White Americans researched African American history as a form of reparation? What do you think the outcome would be?"

In addition to the discussions of reparations and racial healing, this project will also serve to promote the sale of the Living Justice Press Book Colorizing Restorative Justice: Our Voices Our Realities.

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